marbleSouth Florida homes restaurants and other commercial spaces can benefit from the beautiful look and feel of marble. Lifestyle Marble provides the best service when it comes to marble cleaning, honing, polishing and general repair. Maintenance of marble can be tedious. You need to have a deep understanding of the type of chemicals to use in order not to damage it. Each stone has particular elements that can negatively affect it if the wrong chemical is used. We take the time to analyze your stone and carefully select the proper products to bring out the best in your stone.

We do not use harsh chemicals that will damage the stones and we use gentle tools to keep your marble sparkling bright. Once we meticulously clean the stone, we tediously polish your stone to bring out its natural shine.

At Lifestyle Marble, we beat the competition every time. Our techs pay close attention to detail and our quality of service is second to none. We bring you over 10 years of trust and knowledge to ensure that our customers are happy.

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