Marble Cleaning

Cleaning marble is an essential part of keeping a beautiful and luxurious home. Marble surfaces add character, elegance, and sophistication to any room they’re in – but only when they’re clean! From countertops to mantles, if you have marble in your home it’s important that you develop a routine for cleaning and maintaining it.

We do not use harsh chemicals that will damage the stones and we use gentle tools to keep your marble sparkling bright. Once we meticulously clean the stone, we tediously polish your stone to bring out its natural shine.

At Lifestyle Marble, we beat the competition every time. Our techs pay close attention to detail and our quality of service is second to none. We bring you over 10 years of trust and knowledge to ensure that our customers are happy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to clean a marble floor?

One of the best ways to clean a marble floor is to hire a professional. Professional cleaners have the right equipment and expertise to get the job done safely and effectively. They will know how to handle any tough stains or spills, as well as how to protect your marble from any kind of damage.

What are some common mistakes people make when cleaning a marble floor?

One of the most common mistakes people make when cleaning a marble floor is to use the wrong products. Many individuals believe that any cleaner will do, but this can actually cause the marble to be damaged over time. A good rule of thumb when choosing a cleaning product is to select one specifically designed for use on marble, as it will be formulated with ingredients that are safe and will not damage the material. Additionally, some all-purpose cleaners may contain abrasive ingredients that can scratch and dull the surface of the marble.

Another mistake people often make is using harsh scrubbing techniques or pads when they clean their marble floor. This can also lead to scratching and dulling of the surface, which will detract from its natural beauty and shine. Instead, use a gentle cleaner and soft cloths or mops in order to ensure that your marble floors look their best without risking damage to them.

Finally, it is important not to attempt to clean your marble floors on your own if you don’t have experience doing so. Hiring a professional who has been trained and has experience in cleaning marble will save you time and energy in the long run as they know what types of products work best for each type of marble flooring and how to apply them properly in order to achieve maximum results.

How often should a marble floor be cleaned?

Marble floors should be cleaned at least once a year to keep them looking their best. A deep cleaning of the floor will help to remove dirt and debris that accumulates over time, as well as any spills or staining that may have occurred. Doing this will ensure your marble floor looks its best for years to come!