Matte Finish

Matte finish is a type of coating applied on a surface to provide a non-glossy effect. It produces a plain and subtle look that gives a smooth marble surface feel with a velvety texture. Often used in furniture design and manufacture, matte finish gives a modern edge to traditional pieces, creating a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. Matte finishes can be used for many different applications such as walls, flooring, paneling, and applying to a selected portion of the surface. No matter the substrate choice there is sure to be a matte finish option that will lend a sophisticated vibe to any space.

We do not use harsh chemicals that will damage the stones and we use gentle tools to keep your marble sparkling bright. Once we meticulously clean the stone, we tediously polish your stone to bring out its natural shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a matte finish?

A matte finish on a floor is one that does not have any shine or reflectivity. It has a flat, non-glossy surface that is subtle, soft, and understated. This type of finish provides a muted look to the floor and is often preferred in areas where an even, uniform look is desired. Matte finishes are also popular in areas with heavy foot traffic because they are more resistant to scratches and scuff marks that can be caused by everyday activity. They do not require much maintenance either since there’s no need to wax or buff the floor regularly like a glossier finish would. Some types of hardwood floors even come pre-treated with a matte finish, making it easier for homeowners to instantly achieve the desired look without having to go through any additional steps.

What are the benefits of a matte finish?

Matte finish floors are also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making them perfect for busy households or high-traffic areas. The lack of a gloss coating means that dirt and dust won’t be as noticeable when compared to glossy floors, making cleaning and maintenance easier. Matte floors also require less polish than glossy finishes, helping homeowners save time and money on upkeep costs.